Let’s talk about diving

DIVING TALKS 2022 is the international diving show, that will bring to Portugal the world’s leading divers, showing their best of the best recent achievements.

DIVING talks 2022 is also a pretext to put together the love for diving and a trip with your family.

Diving Talks is talking about diving, talking is an expression of communication, communicating is sharing; so let’s talk about diving, and share the talks!

Castelo de Almourol – visitportugal.com


Portugal, Europe’s most western country, has a mild climate, 300 sunshine days per year, a vast coastline to the Atlantic Ocean (with over 1200 km extension), hundreds of beautiful beaches, and an Exclusive Economic Zone (maritime domain) with almost two million sq. km.

Mainland Portugal, and its archipelagos of Azores and Madeira, offer perfect conditions for diving. It is possible to dive all year round, from North to South and on every island of the Azores and Madeira archipelagos, there´s an excellent infrastructure for recreational and technical diving, you can dive almost everything; from caves to wrecks and deep diving.

Information about Portugal visitportugal.com
Information about diving in Portugal portugaldive.com




Why Troia?

The Troia peninsula is a gigantic sand dune that has been forming over thousands of years, with the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Sado estuary to the east. This unique location gives it an enormous wealth from the environmental point of view. In this privileged setting, with beach, dune, marsh, estuary and pine forest environments, the TROIA RESORT emerged as a project where the safeguarding and valuation of the environmental heritage were considered as differentiating factors.

Bring your family or friends with you.
The weekend is also for them!

The peninsula is the perfect site to spend a fantastic weekend; there’s much to do independently, and we have prepared side events for the attendees’ trip partners.

  • What about sailing the Sado, enjoying the Troia Peninsula sights from the river, or visiting a Roman archaeological site?

Check out everything we have prepared for the “non-divers”. Of course there’s the beach if you want to relax by the sea, there are trails you can try, or you can relax by the pool. However, if you want something more, this is what you can expect.



The Venue

Located in the Aqualuz Tróia Family Hotel , in the heart of Troia Resort, the Events Centre was born to guarantee the success of any event.
Framed harmoniously in the surrounding nature, provides all the comfort and tranquility for the two days of talking about diving.


Tróia – Carvalhal GDL
7570-789 Tróia

Where to stay

The Organization negotiated special rates for the Diving Talks Attendees. For assuring these rates buy your “TICKET WITH HOTEL” here, or if booking directly with each unit, please send a copy of your ticket.

Come to Portugal, stay longer, and discover Portugal underwater

Diving Talks partnered with Portugal Dive, a tourism operator specialized in diving, to offer the attendees the possibility of spending some time visiting and diving in Portugal.

If you want to spend a week at mainland Portugal or the Azores and Madeira archipelagos, talk to Portugal Dive; they have fantastic holidays and diving packages, and special conditions for all those attending Diving Talks.

Attendees wanting to benefit from these special conditions hiring Portugal Dive, please provide a copy of your e-ticket when booking. 

How to get there

From the Lisbon International Airport

Step 1 Bus #744; Airport to Entrecampos
Step 2 Train; Entrecampos station to Setúbal
Step 3 Ferry; Setúbal to Tróia

The Diving Talks attendees have a special discount crossing the Sado river, on Atlantic Ferries.

Transfer Service

From the Lisbon International Airport, or any other location in Portugal, request a transfer to our partner – Portugal Dive. They will pick you up wherever you are.

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  • Cristina Rocha Antunes
  • Manuel Preto

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