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Let’s talk about diving

The Diving Talks International Diving Show is an event designed to bring together diving enthusiasts from all around the world, including professionals, experts, and amateurs. It features a wide range of activities and presentations, such as talks by renowned divers, workshops, exhibitions of the latest diving equipment and technology, and networking opportunities.

The Diving Talks aims to cover various aspects of diving, including technical diving, exploration, conservation, underwater photography, and videography, among others.

Diving Talks serves as a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences, and the latest developments in the field of diving. It offers attendees the chance to learn from leading figures in the diving community, discover new diving destinations, and connect with others who share their passion for the underwater world.

The Diving Talks also highlights issues related to marine conservation and the importance of protecting underwater environments.


Castelo de Almourol –

Portugal, Europe’s most western country, has a mild climate, 300 sunshine days per year, a vast coastline to the Atlantic Ocean (with over 1200 km extension), hundreds of beautiful beaches, and an Exclusive Economic Zone (maritime domain) with almost two million sq. km.

Mainland Portugal, and its archipelagos of Azores and Madeira, offer perfect conditions for diving. It is possible to dive all year round, from North to South and on every island of the Azores and Madeira archipelagos, there´s an excellent infrastructure for recreational and technical diving, you can dive almost everything; from caves to wrecks and deep diving.

Information about Portugal
Information about diving in Portugal




Why Lisbon?

Nestled among seven hills, this beautiful city is the perfect stage for the Diving Talks show.

With a lively nightlife scene, festive markets, and vibrant museums, Lisbon provides plenty of options to burn off a few mandatory glasses of red wine while tasting tasty cheese, a generous serving of bacalhau, and days’ worth of pastéis de nata.

Things to do?

Lisbon is a cosmopolitan city, with good access and a few hours away from any European capital.

And there is so much to see and do that it is difficult to have enough time to see everything you want at your leisure… Here we present a selection of things from amongst all those you can do, which cannot be missed in the Portuguese capital.

Bring your family or friends with you.
The weekend is also for them!

Lisbon is the perfect site to spend a fantastic weekend; there’s much to do independently, and we can assist you in planning the weekend for those not attending the Talks.

Ask us for a custom itinerary for your days in Lisbon before or after the show or for those in your group that won’t attend the Talks.

We kid you not! Having a great time in this beautiful city, next time they will be asking you to attend the Diving Talks.



Cordoaria Nacional – Torreão Poente

The Cordoaria Nacional, nestled along the scenic banks of the Tagus River in Lisbon, Portugal, stands as a monumental testament to the city’s rich maritime history. Originally constructed in the late 18th century during the reign of Queen Maria I, this historic building was initially designed to serve as a rope-making facility for the Portuguese navy, reflecting Portugal’s storied past as a seafaring nation. Spanning an impressive length, it was once among the largest industrial buildings of its era in Europe, equipped to produce the vital ropes and cables essential for naval and commercial ships.

Today, the Cordoaria Nacional has transcended its industrial origins to become a vibrant cultural hub in Lisbon. This grandiose structure, with its vast, open spaces, has been repurposed to host a variety of cultural events, exhibitions, and art installations. Its transformation from a maritime industrial facility to a center for arts and culture mirrors Lisbon’s own evolution from a historic port city to a modern, dynamic capital. The Cordoaria Nacional not only preserves a crucial piece of Portugal’s maritime heritage but also serves as a beacon of cultural and artistic expression, welcoming visitors from around the globe to explore its rich history and contemporary significance.


Av. da Índia/ Tv. Galeotas
1300-598 Lisboa
GPS – 38.697051, -9.192440

Where to stay

Official Accommodation Partner

The Organization negotiated special rates for the Diving Talks Attendees. To ensure these rates, please book your room at the Official Accommodation Partner.

Book your stay with a Diving Talks Attendee special price (10% discount to regular rate) for bookings from October 11 to October 27 (whichever dates you choose).

Enter the code KF7 in “Special Rates” option “Corp/Promo Code”.

How to get there

From the Lisbon International Airport

Transfer Service

From the Lisbon International Airport, or any other location in Portugal, request a transfer to our partner – Portugal Dive. They will pick you up wherever you are.

Come to Portugal, stay longer, and discover Portugal underwater

Diving Talks partnered with Portugal Dive, a tourism operator specialized in diving, to offer the attendees the possibility of spending some time visiting and diving in Portugal.

If you want to spend a week at mainland Portugal or the Azores and Madeira archipelagos, talk to Portugal Dive; they have fantastic holidays and diving packages, and special conditions for all those attending Diving Talks.

Attendees wanting to benefit from these special conditions hiring Portugal Dive, please provide a copy of your e-ticket when booking. 

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