There is a lot you can at the Tróia Península

Side events, especially for non-divers.

It is not that you need to have something planned. The peninsula is such a fantastic site to enjoy; there’s the beach if you want to relax by the sea, there are trails you can check out, or you can relax by the pool. However, if you want something more, this is what you can expect.

And remember: there’s a special ticket for partners. They don’t attend the Talks, but they can have lots of fun too, and lunch (with all of us) at the Venue.

* Buy the Social Partner Ticket for 75 euros. This ticket gives you:

  • Welcome Lunch on Friday;
  • Lunch Saturday and Sunday;

All the side events; Sailing the Sado, Visits and Tours.

Soon, all the side events, here!

We will be announcing what we have soon. But check the website periodically. You will be the first to know!

„Tróia Resort is the perfect site to talk about diving and an excellent opportunity to schedule a family weekend escapade. No need to leave your family or partner behind. We are preparing specific experiences for those coming and not attending the Talks. If coming from far, my recommendation is to arrive one week before or leave one week after, and spend a week diving in Portugal“

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