Aldeia Mineiral do Lousal
Herdade Canal Caveira

October 8 – 14:30 to 18:30

You will go by bus to the Lousal Mine Village, home of the deactivated pyrite Lousal Mine and Canal Caveira Estate, a wine tourism estate. These are the two points of interest of the Grandola Municipality on this trip:

The Lousal Mine was explored between 1900 and 1988 mainly for pyrite, an iron sulfide, developing mining works from the surface to 500m in depth.

1. Aldeia Mineiral do Lousal

Less than 10 years after the mine was closed, the Municipality of Grândola and the Frédéric Velge Foundation, which is part of SAPEC, begin a program to revitalize Lousal (RELOUSAL). The program is based on creating a new territorial spatialization based on cultural tourism, with reinforcement of the mining identity, exploring the immense museological and touristic potentialities of the mining area.

Currently, in addition to the village, this Mine Village includes a dam and two ponds, pedestrian paths, the Mineiro Museum, and various facilities of the Centro de Ciência Viva – MINA DE CIÊNCIA dedicated to cultural, pedagogical, and scientific research activities and also the Waldemar Gallery, which constitute the memory of the generations of miners who explored these mines, over almost a century.

2. Herdade Canal Caveira

It is on the Alentejo coast, at the confluence of two major Portuguese wine regions, Península de Setúbal and Alentejo, that we find the Canal Caveira Estate.

Esplanada at the foot of the Serra de Grândola, the Estate receives the maritime influence of the Atlantic Ocean, land of a unique and original microclimate. It has an area of ​​45 hectares, of which 25 are vineyards and the rest are olive, orange, cork, holm and pine.

The vineyards spread out in the sun, break between the lap of the stream and the edge of the IC1. Before stopping for the famous Cozido à Portuguesa, the emblematic castle-shaped house rises, greeting those who travel to the Algarve.

The winery brings us the proof. In a virtuous reality, the view from the top floor is extensive between the village, the mountains and the plain, while the clinking of the glasses stir the nose and the taste of the profiled nectars. With 18 grape varieties to recreate, our winemakers produce lots and mono-varieties full of freshness, aromas and fruity flavors.

With mostly sandy soils, great thermal amplitude and Atlantic influence, Canal Caveira Estate produces elegant, complex and persistent wines. A perfect terroir for quality wines and discerning wine lovers.

With the Serra Brava brand (registered in the 70s) among whites, rosés and reds, we also launched a Moscatel Frisante: the first with a quality designation of the Wine Region Setúbal Peninsula.

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