Monumentos Megalíticos
Praia da Lagoa de Melides
“A Serenada”

October 9 – 14:30 to 18:30


In this tour you will visit some prehistoric sites; megalithic monuments, the beautiful Melides Lagoon Beach, and the wine tourism estate “A Serenada”.

1. Monumentos Megalíticos

Megalithic monument formed by a funerary chamber of subcircular plant and corridor. The chamber consists of eight pillars, some 2 m high, and the corridor is made up of four smaller pillars. The chamber reaches its largest diameter of about six meters, which makes this monument one of the largest among those known in the south of Portugal. The existence of a depression in the center of the chamber suggests the existence of a pillar that would support the covering pillars. The whole set would be inserted in a tomb hill whose remains are still visible in some sectors. During the archaeological intervention, it was possible to verify that the monument had already been the object of plunder, even though it had identified some archaeological material constituted mainly by fragments of ceramic vessels.

2. Praia da Lagoa de Melides

Extensive sandy beach equipped with beach support, catering and parking, as well as conditions of excellence at the environmental level and accessibility, these having been recognized with the attribution of the Blue Flag, Accessible Beach and Gold Quality awards. To the south of the beach front are dune formations with endemic and classified flora and to the north cliffs of sandstones providing scenic and environmental combinations of high interest.

The characteristics of the sea and the coastline allow various sports activities, including surfing or bodyboarding, practically all year round.
In the vicinity of the beach, there is a lagoon (Lagoa de Melides), which extends to the village of Melides through extensive rice paddies and small islands where the wealth of flora and fauna guarantee activities such as bird watching, canoeing or hiking.

3. “A Serenada”

The property, where Serras de Grândola wines are produced, has a 50-year-old vineyard, planted in 1961, and a new vineyard, from 2008.

The vineyards are located about 10 km from the seafront, between the beach of Aberta Nova and the beach of Galé, suffering the influence of the Atlantic breezes. In addition, they are located at an altitude of 150 m, on the western slope of the Serra de Grândola, which provides the nighttime freshness necessary for adequate maturation. The great minerality of the soils, with a predominance of iron and shale, complement the particularity of the location.

The wines are produced in the house’s cellar with the collaboration of the whole family.

The soils are poor in organic matter with a large predominance of iron.

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