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The Human Diver Workshops

October 6

Helping the industry apply human factors to sports, military, scientific and media diving, leading to fewer errors and greater safety.

These workshops are a special offer from Gareth Lock – valid for the Diving Talks attendees! Register NOW!

The Human Diver Workshops

Click on the image and register for one or both workshops.

Paul Toomer, Dive RAID

The course embraces a culture of discovery rather than blame…this course has opened my eyes even further. Essentials is valid for every diver, no matter whether that be an Open water Diver or a Trimix Rebreather Cave Instructor Trainer. Since completing the course, our agency has fully endorsed this program to all our divers, professionals and dive centres.

Jean-Christophe Vanier

This course is of high value to individuals aiming at completing technical diving training. This will emphasis key factors to increase awareness on accident-related topics and will definitely put you on the path to becoming a better thinking diver.

Andreas Kutsch

That class was by far the best i have taken in a while. Brings you a bit back down to earth and let´s you start thinking about your behaviour during diving and classes. Recommend this for any diver, no matter if an Instructor or diver.

Daniel Martinez-Escobar 

It will shake the way you think about diving safety, where human behaviours are more complex than just “near calls” or “dumb divers”