Day 1

7 October
12:00 – 18:00

Reception and Attendees Registration

The Organization kindly asks all Attendees to arrive in the morning of October 7 and travel back on, or after, 19:00 of October 9, so that they do not miss the final Talks.

13:00 – 14:00

Welcome Lunch

13:00 – 18:00

Side events; trials, diving activity

Diving Talks starts with a deep immersion in the Exhibition; the opportunity to talk with the brands on site, networking with other divers and the Speakers, and some trials; dives and gear testing.

For those not so fond of diving – your family or trip partners, there are some nit side events, too.

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Exhibition official openning


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* This schedule can change at any time and is not a guarantee of attendance to any presentation.


The beach, the pool, wander around

Day 2

8 October

Welcome to the Talks – Opening ceremony

Let’s talk about diving!

Conference Room


Panel 1

Conference Room

Diving Talks | International Diving Survey

There is a general lack of information about diving. Numbers are sparse and partial – geographically or typologically.
This study aims to collect practical information valid for the different agents that relate to this activity.

Technical Freediving & Avatar’


How to turn your Social Media Profile to Uncover the Hidden GEMS in Your Scuba Diving Business or Career

There are a lot of misconceptions and money left on the table. It’s hard to keep up with the constant changes in the social media world but simple business rules do still apply. Often they got forgotten and miss opportunities to increase the customer basket.
Which social media is the best one to monetize? Where should you put your efforts? And how much time does it take to get 50 targeted hot leads a day?


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Panel 2

Conference Room

Rescue Dive Operation – Borba Quarry (Portugal) in 2018

On November 19th, 2018, after heavy rains, a road collapse occurred, near the town of Borba, in Portugal. The Water Rescue Unit of the Civil Protection Special Force was activated to intervene, where they performed several dives with high complexity in an attempt to find and rescue the victims.

Diving for the disabled Beyond the Recreational limits

Almost all dive training organizations have courses for disabled divers, with the same limitations: ‘Recreational limits”.
I dive since 1995 and found out that there is not limit when you have the right instructors and adjust training according to what you can do.


Networking lunch


Panel 3

Conference Room

Compliance provides an illusion of safety in diving

“Dive within the limits of your training”, “Plan you dive, dive your plan” – you’ve heard these before, but how do they help us improve diving safety? Safety is not static. We have to constantly adapt and explore boundaries beyond that taught in classes to remain safe. Counterintuitive, but true.

How new international standards will affect diver training

A whole series of new ISO Standards (International Standards Organisation) are being published in the coming months that will specify how rebreather divers, rebreather instructors and scientific divers are trained. There will also be new specifications for how some very large man-made dive sites such as huge aquariums can be used.

Training Doesn’t Work

One of the most common complaints amongst experienced divers and instructors is the low level of diver skills we see in new divers. The unfortunate truth is that we have built a diving industry that encourages that. This talk will uncover some of the reasons why this is the case and lay out some of the things we can do to change that.


Panel 4

Conference Room

New depths to diving

The Avelo System is a revolutionary approach to scuba diving. We use a variable volume pressure vessel called the Hydrotank to resolve some of the most challenging aspects of scuba diving: overall weight and the stability of neutral buoyancy. Our technology significantly reduces the overall weight divers carry.

Deep dive exploration with UX1-Neo Robot in Hranice Propast

Exploring deep flooded caves can be dangerous for humans, so robots are a very useful tool for deep underwater exploration. An expedition in the Czech Republic carried out by a team from INESCTEC and UGR- Unexmin Geo Robotics, allowed to explore and map the deepest known flooded natural cave in the world, The robot UX1-Neo explored and mapped the Hranice Propast abyss at a depth of 450m.

Will “AI” Make Technical Diving Obsolete?

We live in an era of exponential technological growth unprecedented in the history of humankind. Cave diving is less than a century old; tec diving barely 40 years old. Yet artificial intelligence (AI) is now enabling machines to do things humans cannot. We examine the machines that will replace divers.


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Panel 5

Conference Room


What do you get when you have in the same room Dr Alessandro Marroni, Dr Óscar Camacho and Dr Simon Mitchell? Undoubtedly an incredible amount of knowledge in diving physiology and hyperbaric medicine. If you are a diver, you know the value of such a debate.


Congress Dinner

Day 3

9 October

Panel 6

Conference Room


The Discussion Everybody Will Want To Hear
Imagine having PADI, SDI and SSI in the same room to discuss the future of teaching in diving? This would be an exciting debate, wouldn’t it?
Imagine no more.


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Panel 7

Conference Room

Telling Underwater Stories

From nudibranch eggs to WWII wrecks and even scuba divers in a pool, there are endless underwater stories to be told. Images can help accentuate those stories and inspire conversation

Connecting people to the ocean through photography

Underwater photography can be a powerful tool to show people the wonders of the amazing world that lies below the water surface, but also the threats most aquatic environments are facing nowadays. Strong images and compelling stories have the ability to connect people to the ocean on a deeper level, and present an opportunity to shift the world towards a thriving future.
In this talk, I’ll share a set of short stories about ocean conservation supported by images taken during some of my assignments, with a focus on Portuguese waters.

The soul of an image

How do you create images to inspire to preserve the oceans and all life around it.


Networking Lunch


Panel 8

Conference Room

Diving, a life changing experience

My name is Dália Faria, I’m 51 years old, and I have cerebral palsy. My presentation is my personal statement that hopes to show that diving inclusive. Set the adequate conditions regarding people, context, safety and well-being groundbreaking moments happen, and change happens! Because I dive and you worry! That’s why we will be all talking about diving!

From the deep ocean to shallow water

Through my life I have been using many different techniques to study the deep ocean. However, when you lead a project to study the coast where the maximum depth is 200 m, what do you do? Do you have to become a technical diver? Or, we just use deep-sea instrumentation to achieve your aims?

Scientific diving in Adélie Land, Antarctica: from constraints to rewards

Adélie Land is located 2500 km from the closest permanently inhabited land. The French research station there offers the possibility to dive for scientific research but diving there comes with many constraints. The rewards are incredible!


Panel 9

Conference Room

The Last Turn

Due to its location and the existence of crosswinds, Madeira airport is one of the most dangerous airports in the world for land, even today.
The 70’s were terrible with aviation accidents, which jeopardized the existence of the airport on the island of Madeira.

Exploring Deep Shipwrecks – A visual presentation

The presentation will take you on a virtual underwater tour of historically famous deep shipwrecks as well as other lost shipwrecks around the world. A fascinating look into the world of deep wreck diving through the eyes and lens of one of the most well-known shipwreck explorers of the technical diving revelation.
Heavy on underwater images of the shipwrecks themselves, of the expeditions and people that explored them.
This presentation is about the explorers who have embraced advanced underwater technology to bring to the surface the images and movies of lost shipwrecks and the stories that come with them.
Leigh looks back across two decades of deep wreck exploration and has chosen the most exciting shipwreck discoveries to talk about. He will share with the audience his favourite photographs to tell the story of one man’s journey through one of the most dangerous but exciting sports in the world. Take a look at colonial wrecks, massive Ocean liners, warships and old treasure shipwrecks.
This presentation is technical diving at its best and promises to delve deep into the world of deep-wreck diving visually for your entertainment.

SS “Karlsruhe” – Hitler’s last ship.

One of the most interesting undiscovered story from the bottom of the Baltic Sea and the biggest expedition in Baltictech team’s history.
S/S Karlsruhe, Last German ship to leave Konigsberg just before the city was captured by the Red Army in April 1945 .
The question is “what the last Hitler’s ship contained”, especially that the Amber Room was seen in Konigsberg in March 1945 for the last time.


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Panel 10

Conference Room

Should divers treat DCS in-water?

It has always been controversial whether divers in remote locations should consider treating decompression sickness with in-water recompression. This presentation will discuss evidence for the efficacy of recompression instituted very quickly after symptom onset and at lower pressures than used in chambers, and for risk mitigations like full face masks.

Frontiers in Diving Research – Underwater and Remote Telemedicine

Diving Medicine is based on knowledge of human response to Diving. The limit nowadays is that data are generally collected before and after the dive. DAN Europe’s Underwater Telemedicine System allows for real-time “during-the-dive” wireless physiological and exposure monitoring and immediate feedback to the diver for better diving safety guidance.


Talks’ closing

* This schedule can change at any time and is not a guarantee of attendance to any presentation.

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