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Visit Lisboa – a walking tour of the city centre

October 18 to 20

Whether you’re attending the show or coming with an attendee, you can explore the vibrant city of Lisbon, renowned for its rich maritime history, picturesque coastal landscapes, and cultural charm. Take a break from the event to immerse yourself in the local culture, savour delicious cuisine, and discover Lisbon’s hidden treasures.

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PT1 City Centre Private Tour.

In a city that many far-off cultures have influenced over time, there is still a village feel in each historic neighbourhood.

On foot in the part of the town we will visit today, it is possible to discover a few of the main points of the Portuguese capital – museums, monuments, and breathtaking views.

São Jorge Castle

First, starting the morning right from the top: from the walls of Castelo de São Jorge (São Jorge Castle), a view over the entire city, the other hills, the Tagus, and the rooftops. It is a serene place to savour Lisbon, to watch this city for the first time, from the top of this stronghold conquered by D. Afonso Henriques, the first king of Portugal, from the Moors in 1147.

As you walk down the slope, catch the 28 tram opposite the Portas do Sol viewpoint to pass (and stop) at the mythical Lisbon’s Cathedral Sé de Lisboa. It’s a historic building with a Romanesque design, founded where there was once a mosque and where you can currently visit the Museu do Tesouro (Treasury Museum) and the cloisters. Returning to route 28, we head in the Downtown direction, an area of the Lisbon map perfect for walking. Heading up towards Chiado, it’s time for lunch. Whether at a pavement café or a more exclusive restaurant, there’s a wide and varied choice.

Lisboa view from the Tejo River

Rua Augusta is a pedestrian-only street with many shops, cafés and restaurants. It is the main route leading to the river. In a building that houses a bank, no 96, you can see the foundations of the city, the remains of the ancient Phoenician and Roman city, in the Archaeological Centre [Núcleo Arqueológico] of Rua dos Correeiros. In the end, climb to the top of Arco da Rua Augusta, the Arch – the view over the downtown area and River Tejo is fantastic.

Passing under the Triumphal Arch, you will be in one of the most beautiful squares, Praça do Comércio. The residence of the Kings of Portugal was here during the Age of the Discoveries and, on the right-hand side, in Ribeira das Naus were the port warehouses and the beach where the ships were built. This is the grand entrance hall to the city, where you can spend some quality time near the river, on a terrace or strolling along the riverside. In the Lisbon Story Centre, you can have an excellent introduction to the city’s history. Amongst the many trendy restaurants, the historic Martinho da Arcada, frequented by the great Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, is still there.

Lisbon tram