Visit Grandola and the exhibition of the Diving Talks | Subaquatic Photography Collection

October 7 – departure 18:00

Núcleo Museológico da Igreja de S. Pedro

Place of investigation and dissemination of the collective memory and historical and archaeological heritage safeguard of Grândola Municipality.

A journey through different historical periods, through material traces left by ancient communities, from the prehistory to the 20th century. A memory of those remote times, this museum reveals a territory full of megalithic monuments, cist necropolises, mines, salting factories, temples, ruins and shipwrecks, which historical and archaeological research took care of unravelling.

The old church of São Pedro evokes now stories of Liberty and projects new voyages of discovery.

Núcleo Museológico da Igreja de S. Pedro

Biblioteca e Arquivo Municipal de Grândola

The building opened in April 2021, with the signature of the architects Matos Gameiro and Pedro Domingos, it is a reference in several specialist magazines, nominated and winner of several national and international architectural awards. Important public equipment, a place with universal access to culture, civic and cultural in the town centre, an aggregator and enhancer of the cultural offer. The building has reading rooms for adults and children, two rooms for temporary exhibitions, the municipal archive and a cafeteria.

Biblioteca e Arquivo Municipal de Grândola

Diving Talks | Subaquatic Photography Collection

Brandi Mueller – Ellen Cuylaerts – Nuno Sá – Nuno Vasco Rodrigues

The Diving Talks Underwater Photography Collection comprises photographic, and video graphic works provided by the artists (divers and photographers) who are guest Speakers in the Diving Talks editions.

The inaugural artists are Brandi Mueller, Ellen Cuylaerts, Nuno Sá, the Collection Curator, and Nuno Vaso Rodrigues.

The works given to the Collection are exhibited in the municipalities that host Diving Talks.

The Diving Talks Photography Collection is an initiative that has two main objectives:

  1. Reveal the beauty of the underwater world to the general population and increase the visibility that everyone – as citizens – should have about natural resources and the need to promote sustainable policies and also habits.
  2. Retribute to the municipality that supports the edition of Diving Talks the affection with which it welcomes the event by sharing with the citizens the work of great underwater photographers.

The Diving Talks Underwater Photography Collection will be exhibited, for the first time, in Grândola in the building of the Municipal Library of Grândola.

The exhibition’s inauguration is scheduled for the 6th of October at 17:00 and will be attended by Mayor António Figueira Mendes.

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