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Wineries Series

October 18 to 20

The Lisbon region in Portugal is home to various wineries known for producing exceptional wines. From the historic vineyards of Colares to the picturesque estates of Azeitão and Setúbal, visitors can explore a rich wine culture, taste local varietals like Touriga Nacional and Arinto, and enjoy stunning landscapes.

Lisbon region wineries.

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PT5 Quinta da Bacalhôa

Quinta da Bacalhoa

Bacalhôa, one of Portugal’s largest and most innovative wineries, has developed a wide range of wines over the years, earning a solid reputation and the preference of national and international consumers.
With 1200ha of vineyards, 40 different varieties and four wine centres (cellars), the company stands out for its size and 70% autonomy in its production. Each entity that comprises Bacalhôa Group – Bacalhôa Vinhos de Portugal, S.A, Aliança Vinhos de Portugal, S.A and Quinta do Carmo – corresponds to a production centre with its characteristics and heritage with intrinsic cultural value.

It is the dynamics generated by the intersection of these various identities, exploited using the most current technology and the knowledge of a renowned team, that Bacalhôa Group owes its unique ability in the competitive Portuguese market to offer the perfect wine for any occasion.

PT6 José Maria da Fonseca

Jose Maria da Fonseca

Established in 1834, José Maria da Fonseca is one of the leaders in producing and selling table and fortified wines. This brand is marketed in more than 70 countries.

José Maria da Fonseca’s portfolio comprises over thirty high-quality brands representing the major national wine regions. Many of them enjoy great popularity today, nationally and internationally and are emblematic of Portugal.

This success results from the huge human and material investment and José Maria da Fonseca’s constant renewal capacity throughout history. Currently, in its seventh generation, it has been able to preserve its precious heritage without disregarding modernisation to meet the high standards of its consumers, surprising them every step of the way.

PT7 Adega de Colares – the oldest cooperative cellar in Portugal!

Adega de Colares

Since 1931, the primary purpose of this cooperative has been to perform, by the appropriate means and techniques, the vinification of grapes from its members’ farms, thus achieving an essential social function concerning the agricultural sector of the municipality of Sintra.

The winery is very close to the associates by providing technical assistance to the wine growers and supporting their activity.

With such an ancient tradition and remarkable typicity, the vineyards and wines of the Colares region are a true living museum and an ex-libris of the same.

Their problems and survival transcend the economy’s scope and become a cultural issue. Adega de Colares’ main goal is protecting and preserving the Colares’ Wine Culture.