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Portugal 2024
International Diving Show

Europe’s Premier Diving Summit

18-20 October ~ LISBON

Speakers 2024

This year Speakers will bring to the table exciting and new content to share and discuss with the international diving community.
This list will be updated periodically.

Christine West


Darcy Kieran

BODI Founder

Frédéric Swierczynski

Explorer and Cave Diver

Gareth Lock

The Human Diver

Jill Heinerth

Underwater Explorer

Joao Rodrigues

Underwater Filmmaker

Jose Ventura

OEM Support Specialist

Kirk Krack

Human Performance Lead

Leigh Bishop

Deep Shipwreck Explorer

Maria Bollerup

Cave Diver and Explorer

Nathalie Lasselin

Explorer and Cinematograher

Phil Short

Professional Diver and Explorer

Rannva Joermundsson

Cave Diver and Explorer

Richard Cullen

Adaptative Diving Instructor

Rico Besserdich


Simon Mitchell

Physician and Scientist

Stefan Panis


Xavier Meniscus

Comercial Diver
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October, 2024
  • 9:00 – 18:00

    Arrival, accreditation and set-up of displays

  • 9:30 – 12:00

    Workshops and other activities

  • 13:00 – 18:00

    Workshops and other activities

  • 14:30

    Exhibition official openning

October, 2024
  • All-day

    Exhibition and visit to displays

  • Morning

    Talks 1

  • 13:00

    Networking lunch

  • Afternoon

    Talks 2

  • 19:30

    Congress dinner and Awards Ceremony

October, 2024
  • All-day

    Exhibition and visit to displays

  • Morning

    Talks 3

  • 13:00

    Networking Lunch

  • Afternoon

    Talks 4

  • 19:00


What are diving talks?

DIVING talks – Portugal 2023 is the international diving show that will bring to Portugal the world’s leading divers, showing their best of the best recent achievements.

DIVING talks 2023 is also a pretext to put together the love for diving and a trip with your family.

Diving Talks is talking about diving, talking is an expression of communication, communicating is sharing; so let’s talk about diving, and share the talks!

What you can expect
  • A diving event with international visibility and attractiveness;
  • The world’s leading divers, showing their best of the best recent initiatives;
  • A diving community network;
  • Debate on technological advancements in diving;
  • Portugal new hub for all subjects related with diving, both technical and scientific.


DIVING talks will feature an exhibition area, a ‘show and tell’ expo that will host a range of global diving exhibitors showcasing their latest services, products and technologies.

Are you confused about which DPV to dive? Want to update your lighting system? Are you seeking inspiration for your next diving adventure? Or maybe you are thinking of buying your first rebreather? Benefit from valuable facetime with leading companies, users, and get all your questions answered without the usual hard sell.

Diving Talks

Underwater Photography Collection

The Diving Talks | Underwater Photography Collection exhibition is an exciting display of images captured by some of the world’s best underwater photographers. It combines works by award-winning photographers Brandi Mueller, Ellen Cuylaerts, Nuno Sá (Curator of the Collection), and Nuno Vasco Rodrigues. In 2023, Natalie Gibb, Pete Mesley, Rui Luís and Tom St George joined the Collection.

Whether you’re an experienced diver or want to admire the beauty of the underwater world from afar, you’ll be amazed by the incredible images on display. From coral reefs to mysterious shipwrecks, the photographs in this collection transport visitors to another world and surprise them with the natural wonders that exist underwater.

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Tickets for the Diving Talks – Portugal 2024 – International Diving Show are available!