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Underwater Photography Collection

The Diving Talks | Underwater Photography Collection exhibition is an exciting display of images captured by some of the world’s best underwater photographers. It combines works by award-winning photographers Brandi Mueller, Ellen Cuylaerts, Nuno Sá (Curator of the Collection), and Nuno Vasco Rodrigues. In 2023, Natalie Gibb, Pete Mesley, Rui Luís and Tom St George joined the Collection.

Whether you’re an experienced diver or want to admire the beauty of the underwater world from afar, you’ll be amazed by the incredible images on display. From coral reefs to mysterious shipwrecks, the photographs in this collection transport visitors to another world and surprise them with the natural wonders that exist underwater.

The Artists

Becky Schott

Becky Kagan Schott is a renowned underwater photographer whose work immerses viewers in the breathtaking beauty of extreme underwater environments. With a passion for exploration, she captures inspiring images that offer a unique glimpse into mysterious worlds beneath the surface.

Brandi Mueller

Brandi Mueller is a renowned underwater photographer, capturing the mesmerizing beauty of the ocean’s depths through her lens. With a passion for marine life and a keen eye for detail, she has created stunning imagery that showcases the hidden wonders of the underwater world, inspiring awe and appreciation for our planet’s oceans.

Ellen Cuylaerts

Ellen Cuylaerts is a renowned underwater photographer whose work captures the mesmerizing beauty of the ocean’s depths. With a passion for marine conservation, she uses her lens to raise awareness about the fragile underwater ecosystems and the urgent need to protect them. Cuylaerts’ stunning images have been featured in prestigious publications and exhibitions worldwide.

Natalie Gibb

Natalie Gibb is a celebrated underwater cave photographer, captivating audiences with her breathtaking images of the hidden world beneath the Earth’s surface. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for exploration, she transports viewers into the mysterious and enchanting realm of underwater caves, showcasing the beauty of these hidden wonders.

Nuno Sá

Nuno Sá is a renowned underwater wildlife photographer, capturing the mesmerizing beauty of the ocean’s inhabitants. With a deep passion for marine life, his lens unveils the mysteries of underwater worlds, inspiring conservation efforts worldwide. Nuno’s breathtaking imagery transports us to the heart of the sea, fostering appreciation and protection of its fragile ecosystems.

Nuno Vasco Rodrigues

Nuno Vasco Rodrigues is a renowned biologist and underwater photographer whose work captures the mesmerizing beauty of marine ecosystems. With a passion for both science and art, he explores the hidden wonders of the ocean, using his lens to raise awareness about marine conservation and biodiversity.

Pete Mesley

Pete Mesley, a renowned underwater photographer, explores the depths of our oceans to capture mesmerizing marine wonders. With over two decades of experience, his work showcases the vivid beauty and fragility of underwater ecosystems. Pete’s stunning images serve as a powerful call to protect and conserve our underwater world.

Rui Luís

Rui Luis is a distinguished speleologist and accomplished underwater photographer. With a passion for exploring the hidden depths of caves and underwater ecosystems, he has dedicated his life to documenting the mesmerizing beauty of these environments. Rui’s breathtaking photographs offer a unique glimpse into the mysterious and awe-inspiring world beneath the surface.

Tom St George

Tom St. George, a pioneering photographer, captures the enigmatic beauty of underwater caves. His stunning work transports viewers into a mesmerizing subterranean world, where light dances with shadows, revealing the secrets of these hidden realms. St. George’s images are a testament to his skill in conveying the mysterious allure of Earth’s submerged wonders.

The Works

Becky Kagan Schott

Diving Inside a Glacier

Alaska – November 2021

Leopard Seal Smirk

Antarctica – February 2020

Penguin Paradise

Antarctica – March 2023

Ice Cave

Alaska Moulin – November 2021

Planet Ice

Lake Michigan USA – February 2021

Iceberg Island

Weddell Sea, Antarctica – February 2023

Brandi Mueller

The Airplane Graveyard

Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands – December 2015

Candle Wax

Mexico – May 2022

Sky Jellyfish

Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands – November 2014


Bahamas – December 2020


Lembeh, Indonesia – December 2018


Red Sea, Egypt – March 2022

Ellen Cuylaerts

Throne of kelp

Farne Islands, England, United Kingdom – 2015

Manta Magic

Kona, Hawaii, USA – 2014


Gulf of St Lawrence, Canada – 2015

Sky is the limit

Devils Grotto, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands – 2020

Up close

Hudson Bay, Churchill River Estuary, Manitoba, Canada – 2015


Newfoundland, Canada – 2018

Summer Loving

Devil’s Grotto, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands – 2013


Sandbar, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands – 2014

Natalie Gibb


Mexico – 2022


Mexico – 2022

Sac Pepem

Mexico – 2022

The Dream

Mexico – 2023

The Tree

Mexico – 2021

Sandwich Press

Mexico – 2019

Nuno Sá

Wide open

São Miguel Island, Azores – January 2014

Sunset Blues

Pico Island, Azores – October 2013

Ancient reflections

São Miguel Island, Azores – November 2013

Gentle giant

São Miguel Island, Azores – June 2014

Big fish, small fish

Santa Maria Island, Azores – August 2012

Ocean Traveler

Faial Island, Azores – September 2013

50 tons of me

Ria Formosa, Algarve – May 2014

Nuno Vasco Rodrigues

Azorean blue

Faial Island, Azores – 2019

Escorted giant

Pico Island, Azores – 2020

Gentle devils

Santa Maria Island, Azores – 2018

Intimate moment

Pico Island, Azores – 2020

Deadly beauty

Pico Island, Azores – 2019

Surprised anthias

Faial Island, Azores – 2012

Pete Mesley

HMS Audacious

Malin Head, Ireland – February 2017

Nahoch Nachich Heavens Gate

Tulum, Mexico – February 2018


Great Lakes, USA – September 2018

Fujikawa Maru

Truk Lagoon – November 2017

Kensho Maru

Truk Lagoon – November 2015

IJN Nagato

Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands – June 2016

Peacock Springs

Florida, USA – November 2017

Rui Luís


Pena Spring, Portugal – 2016


Pena Spring, Portugal – 2014


Pena Spring, Portugal – 2016


Almonda Spring, Portugal – 2015


Pena Spring, Portugal – 2016

White Gallery

Pena Spring, Portugal – 2013

Tom St George

Under the jungle

Cenote Maravilla, Mexico – 2018

Cenote on fire

Cenote Carwash, Mexico – 2017

Transfixed by the beauty of the cave

Cenote Xulo, Mexico – 2021

The beauty beneath our feet

Cenote Xulo, Mexico – 2021

The Pit

Cenote El Pit, Mexico – 2016

Ancient Stalagmites

Cenote Xulo, Mexico – 2021

Collection Regulations

Regulations for the Diving Talks | Underwater Photography Collection.

The Collection

The works provided by the invited artists will form part of the Diving Talks Underwater Photography Collection to be exhibited in the municipalities that support Diving Talks – International Diving Show.
The works will be kept by the municipality or another entity chosen by the Diving Talks organisation from one event to another.
The Diving Talks organisation will only present the works at any other event if the Artists give their permission.
The Diving Talks organisation is authorised to use the images to promote the Diving Talks – International Diving Show and the Diving Talks Underwater Photography Collection Exhibition.

The Artists

To be invited, photographers and videographers must fulfil two requirements:
1. They must be or have been a speaker at an edition of Diving Talks.
2. Have award-winning photographic or videographic work.